Hill Audio Andante Active Speaker 10"


Hill Audio’s Andante series of active bi-amplified lightweight speaker cabinets represents the highest art of audio engineering, paired with an unparalleled instinct for the user’s requirements. Andante speakers feature precision transducers, driven by a powerful hybrid class AB and class D amplifier and the most advanced high-headroom analogue preamplifier circuit. The result is great sound with superb dynamics and the flexibility to adapt to any application from speech broadcasting to music replay, whether live or pre-recorded. Wheter conference, event, or presentation: you won’t ever need another speaker anymore.


  • 10’’ low frequency transducer with 2’’ voice coil
  • 150W RMS class D amplifier for low frequency transducer
  • 1’’ high frequency compression driver with constant directivity horn
  • 40W RMS class AB amplifier for high frequency driver
  • Frequency response 55Hz- 20kHz
  • max. SPL 119dB
  • Dispersion 120°x60°
  • Dimensions 321*503*291mm WxHxD
  • Weight 11.0 kg

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