PR XR300 Beam




The XR 300 Beam equipped with 300W Platinum 15R lamp and convex lens, produces a super-concentrated parallel beam with an incredible output of 85,579 lx at 20m.It has highly superior and innovative features. It is complete, compact and easy to maintain and install. It is the ideal “beam moving light” for professional live setups, especially long throw applications.

Key Features:

  • PHILIPS MSD Platinum 15R (8,000K) (300W)
  • 1 color wheel with 14 dichroic color filters
  • 1 fixed gobo wheel with 17 gobos + white
  • Beam Angle 0°~4°linearly adjustable
  • DMX 0-100% linearly adjustable focus
  • Double shutter blades, 0.3~20 F.P.S
  • 1 Prism/Frost Wheel with 1 x CTO, 1 x frost and 1 x 8-facet prism + white
  • Channels: Short Mode: 10, Standard Mode: 14
  • Pan 540º, Tilt 270º with auto position correction, speed adjustable, with lock mechanism
  • Weight: 16Kg
  • IP20
  • Fixture usage time and software version display 
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance

 Standard Accessories:
        G clamps, 2 pcs; XLR connectors, 1 set;
        Safety cord, 1 pc;

Optional Accessories: Ω clamps, 2 pcs


Technical Data:

Power Supply: 100V/200V/220V/230V/240V AC,50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 400W@220V                              

Light Source: 
       PHILIPS MSD Platinum 15R

       (8,000K, 2,000hrs)

1 Color Wheel 
14 dichroic colour filters plus white 
variable speed and bi-directional rainbow effect 
linear colour changing is available 
1 Fixed gobo wheel :
17  interchangeable gobos+ white 
Shaking and bi-directional wheel scrolling at variable speeds   
Gobo changing is available   
Prism/Frost Wheel 
8-facet rotating Prism(bi-directional with variable speeds)+CTO filter+ Frost Filter + White 
0-100% linearly adjustable by Dmx  
Double shutter blades, 0.3~20 F.P.S 
Head Movement:  
Pan 540º, Tilt 270º with auto position correction  
Beam Angle 
0°~4°, Linear zoom   
DMX512, 3 pin and 5 pin interfaces

10 channels in short mode, 14channels in standard mode 
Self-test mode 
Other Functions:   
Adjustable Pan & Tilt speed 
Fixture and lamp usage time display 
Modular construction for easy maintenance 
Composite plastic, IP20   
Weight:  16Kg 

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