Redback Wallmount Dimmer


In today’s entertainment and presentation environment there is a requirement to do a whole lot more than just dim lights. Now moving lights, LED fixtures and video projectors all require non-dimmable power. In parallel to this the way the dimmers are controlled has evolved. Although control by the industry standard DMX-512A protocol is a must, there is an increasing requirement for the simple recall of scenes without the need for a dedicated lighting console, to allow use by untrained operators and to help minimise energy consumption. On top of this, with venue managers becoming more aware of Health and Safety issues, an onboard Residual Current Device (also known as an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker or Ground Fault Interrupter) is now very desirable, if not a necessity. Of course as the feature list has increased, the actual amount of money available to achieve all these functions and the amount of space on the wall to mount them have both decreased. LSC has addressed all of these and a few more requirements, with the Redback Wallmount. Drawing on the technologies and manufacturing techniques developed for its “professional big brothers” EKO and TEKO, Redback Wallmount provides an economical construction packed full of the essentials such as both dimming and relay switching output options, optional RCDs and external control via optional push button wallplates. The Redback Wallmount provides an unprecedented level of features designed to make your life easier rather than more complex – and delivers it in a slimline chassis at a realistic price. The Redback Wallmount has been designed with flexibility in mind. Each channel can be individually configured with a minimum and maximum level, its own DMX address, fade curve and control source. This allows some channels to be used for push button controlled house or work lights, while others can be set to be DMX controlled stage lights. Each block of six channels can be factory fitted as dimming or relay switching outputs, allowing the rack to provide both power and dimming control. The Redback Wallmount is even clever enough to automatically turn the power on to the moving lights and LED fixtures when the lighting console is powered up, and then turn them off a few minutes after the console is powered down, thus ensuring that the venue uses the lowest possible carbon footprint and maximising the lamp life. We have even made the job of installing the dimmer easier. The Redback Wallmount is provided with a full size template for installing the wall anchors and electricians will find the large screw terminals and dedicated tunnel for all the cabling make it a breeze to install. The large full colour touch screen makes commissioning and set-up easy, even for first time users. The Redback Wallmount is available as a hard wired dimmer, or with individual output connectors per channel. This latter option is ideal for use with the LSC Redback Patch system – for installations where a large number of outlets are required but not all used at the same time. So much thought has gone into the design that it is even possible to invert one of the dimmers so that patch cables are not left hanging over the Circuit Breakers or colour LCD screen. The Redback Wallmount is designed for operation via the international DMX-512A standard. However in many smaller installations a lighting console may not be required for day to day use, so the Redback can also be operated via low cost push button wallplates (aka RedPlate). These plates have 2, 4 or 6 buttons and each button can recall a lighting state with a programmable fade time – ideal for school assembly, recalling lighting levels in a showroom, or for a meeting in a conference room. RedPlates can also be connected to 3rd party interfaces to allow the Redback dimmer to be remote controlled by automation systems at very reasonable cost. To assist in further enhancing a venue’s safety aspects, Redback Wallmount has standard capabilities for a “Panic” lighting scene activation and restricted Panic Reset. Special Panic Redplates make the Panic implementation simple. The Redback Wallmount is part of a complete system design that includes 3 models of dimmer racks, relay racks, combination dimmer/relay racks and patch panels and integrates perfectly with a full DMX data distribution system based on the legendary LSC ISOnode and ISOport technology. When you specify LSC products it is easy to design, install and maintain a complete dimming, power and DMX distribution system that will provide many, many years of reliable service. And our local staff and reseller network are always there to ensure that you can get the most from your Redback System both at the design stage and at implementation.

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